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Example of Blog Post #1

Steps to Create a Blog
To create a blog post you click on “new post” 
Then give a title to your post, usually something catchy to draw your readers in. Your first paragraph of your blog post will be in “bold” when you publish the post— so the first couple of words are also important. 
Afterwards, you can type however you’d like. It could be a big, long paragraph or it can be choppy and short which is good to keep the readers moving along. 
It is similar to Microsoft Word where you can change the size and type of font, bold, italics, color, highlight, etc. 
You can also add pictures or links to videos. Which are next to the highlight button on the of the screen, but underneath the “title”. To add a photograph, click on the small button that looks like two small mountains, or triangles. Then you can either upload a picture from your photos from iCloud or photos saved on your computer. The “three dots” next to the emoji icon on the top of the screen will allow you to change the way your words…